My secret hiding place.

Dont ever let distance come between love.

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Anonymous asked: hey cutie. how about you stop being so desperate having someone from so far away and get someone near you. eh wait i forgot you cant. :)

Thanks for caring.

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Anonymous asked: are you really that underweight? can we maybe see a shirtless picture to judge?

Judging by all the hate I get, I think not. Sorry… I cant even walk around shirtless without my arms wrapped around me.

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Anonymous asked: What is your dream?

Get away from here and stop feeling depressed most of the time.

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Anonymous asked: ha deleted some photos of yourself? that was a wise decision

Yeah I thought so too.

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Anonymous asked: i saw all the things people said about u... its really mean sorry to hear that. dont believe what they say.... you and ur gf are perf <3

Thanks <3

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Anonymous asked: i still dont get how a skinny as fuck guy like you could even get a girlfriend in the first place.

who knows, i dont get it either. i know i wouldnt be attracted to anyone who would be as skinny as i am so i expect the same from others. but yeah, i was just lucky.